Turn memories into gifts that keep on giving

A unique way to celebrate the people in your life



"What was the worst trick you played on your parents?"

There are so many questions we don't get to ask the people we love

Welcome to Bookvie

Designed as a gift, Bookvie is the perfect excuse to capture someone's legacy, their thoughts, their dreams, their life. 

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Legacy Bookvie

Celebrate someone's life with a gift that lasts through generations. Your daughter may one day learn about the joys, the dreams, the lessons her grandmother experienced. A rare gift for yourself and for those who come after.

Birthday Bookvie

Is your best friend birthday coming up? Invite your friends and family to fill in a Birthday Bookvie for them. Capture your best shared memories together, your laughs, your crazy stories, all in a one of a kind book that will stay with your friend forever.

Birthday Party